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Domino Rules

Rules and Instructions for Adult Play Double Six's

  1. Each player will start the game by pulling seven bones.

  2. The remaining bones are considered the "boneyard". 

  3. The player with the highest double domino will start the game. 

  4. Players must have a point count of ten points to start score board.

  5. Each domino game is played to a total of two-hundred and fifty points. 

  6. When a stalemate has occurred, if neither player can play or draw, the round is over. The player with the fewest points on all their dominos wins the round and receives the total points of the other players dominoes rounded to the nearest multiple of five. 

  7. Dominos laid down on the board are not considered played until the player releases the domino from their hand. 

  8. Making dominos or found cheating in any way will result in automatic disqualification. 

No refunds or second chances. 

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